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How songs remind Adi of you.

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 - The other, LAUV.

My goodbyes with you, T, have never been easy. Not in

12th std, not now. 

" I'm not a very missable person "

Just stfu.

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 - Never Not, LAUV.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again​.

You have a place in my head and my heart. And will do, forever. No matter what.

No one can change that. Not even you. 

 - Tattoos together LAUV.

Oh boy, before getting into 11th, I told myself a hundred times over, Don't. Fall. For. Anyone.

It was all going pretty good, honestly, before I saw you.

You ran straight in, alarms blazing. My entire body screaming " NO ", took a seat right in my head. 

I can't stress enough how happy I am that my guard failed and let you in.

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 - Sofia, Clairo.

I'm just gonna leave this here.

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 - We can do better, Matt Simons.

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 - Stereo Hearts, Adam levine.

I'm here

I'm here

I'm here

I'm here


I will be

I will be

I will be

I will be

The energy I feel when you're around, is unmatched.

Makes me wanna do so much better at everything.

Literally, everything.

Say it with me now,

WE're not gonna give up.

WE can do better.

There's honestly, a lot more. I don't wanna bore you with random songs that remind someone of you, lol.

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