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Feeling low?

It's okay to feel low at times. We all do.

Like we've told each other before, " What are the highs if you haven't seen the lows? "



• Call me if you wanna talk it out. 

• Talk to your friends about the situation.

• Get up, hug your roommate/ any other person around. 

• Listen to uplifting music.

Most of the times I feel low, I stop everything for a second. Think it out.

Why am I even sad/low? Is it worth spending my time on this? Can I do something which would instantly fix my mood?

- Missing someone? - Call them. Call home, call mom, Call dad.

- Lacking the will to do something? - I watch some particular videos which hype me up and tell me that these small things don't matter in the long run. I should be focused on important things.


Look at her. Smiling. Such a beautiful smile. Right?

Younger T is so proud and incredibly amazed by the older T. 

The T now is so much smarter. So much more capable. Understands that negative things and negative people don't matter.

Make the younger version of you proud. The younger T has seen a thousand dreams. And the older T will make sure that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. comes through. 

Come on, get up. Smile. Shake it off. You're so freaking strong. 

Simply amazing.

Here are some timeless videos I watch that pump me up like nothing else.

Just a minute of these will leave you inspired.

The first minute is simply beautiful. " Fall down 7 times, get up 8th "

Keep. Freaking. Trying.

" Kuch kiye bina hi jai jai kaar nahi hoti " - This hits like a truck.

" Yes we can " 

You can and you will.

3:57 - end

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