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Best Screen Recorders for Android | 2020

A little about the video

In this video, I lay down the best screen recorders for android in my opinion. The top 3 being ADV Screen recorder, AZ screen recorder, DU screen recorder. At the end of the day, all of these can record your screen the difference lies in how they do it and the additional features they provide.


What are the best Screen Recorders for Android? [ According to me ]

1. ADV Screen Recorder [ Best Overall ]

I have personally used this Screen Recorder the most and this is my ' Best Overall ' Screen Recorder.

Why is it the Best Overall? Because it doesn't have too many random options, it's simple with a minimalistic UI.

Also has a nice feature using which you can draw on the screen and annotate which can be pretty helpful at times.

2. AZ Screen Recorder

This one has some more features when compared to ADV Screen Recorder. Like, Time lapse and Green Screen features.

But one feature which I feel most of the people will use is the ability to go Live straight from the app. You can go live on YouTube or Facebook right from the app.

3. DU Screen Recorder

This one has a LOT of ads. And packs most of the features which the previous ones have but yeah, it has a lot of ads.

Wel, keep in mind we have to support the devs too :)

One of the unique features this app has is ' Shake to stop recording ' Which is pretty self-explanatory.


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