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How to run Effective Ad Campaigns on Facebook | 2020.

A little about the video.

This video will help you understand the basics of How to run effective ad campaigns on Facebook networks or any other ad networks. Running fruitful ads can be tough, this video tells you about some tools what can help you run your ads better.


So, How do I run effective ads?

As you already know, there are many factors one takes into consideration before running their ads. Some, being more important than the others.

The most important factor according to me, are the demographics, the age group and the gender of your audience. As this can help you target a fine amount of people which will lead to better results and click through rates.

But, how do I learn about these analytics?

There are many tools out there which let you ' Spy ' on your competitors' ads. And these tools can be pretty useful.

With the help of these tools, you can learn about what type of creatives have been performing the best in the market, and some tools also give you detailed reports like the demographics and age groups etc. ( SocialPeta, for example )

I will primarily talk about 2 tools which you can use to spy on your competition.

These tools can give you a lot of information about the type of ads your competition may be running.

This tool can provide you with almost anything you can ask for. From demographics to Age groups this one tool has it all.

Using this tool, you can also get inspiration for your next campaign. You can see which creatives have been performing the best in the market, the date your competition launched the ad campaigns, how long their campaigns have been running for and much more.

All in all, all this info about your competitors' ads, can help you give a head start to your next ad campaign and will result in better results.

Facebook Ad Library:

Even this provides you with a host of features which can help you launch your next ad campaigns.

While this doesn't give you as many insights as SocialPeta, it is still a good tool to begin with. It provides you with info about your competitors' ads and on what platforms they've been running them on. Not nearly as much as SocialPeta, but commendable.


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