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How to update Google Play Services.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

A little about the video.

This video was shot over 2 years ago. I tried keeping it as concise as possible. Thanks to all of you for the overwhelming response it received! I tried to put the video in simple words in this blog. Give it a read :)


How to update Google Play Services?

[ Note: Manually updating Google Play Services may cause major errors on your Android device if not done properly. Please read the steps carefully. ]

As you might already know, you cannot simply update Google Play Services by going onto the PlayStore. Google Play Services isn't available as an ' App ' on the PlayStore and hence, cannot be updated from there.

So, what do I do?

Well, there's a workaround to this you can access the PlayStore page of the Google Play Services by simply typing ' Google Play Services ' in your Google Search bar. The results will contain Google Play Servies as an application which can be viewed on the PlayStore. Just click on the result and a PlayStore page will show up.

[ Please note that the Play Store page will contain an option to Uninstall updates to Google Play Services which can cause many of your apps to stop working. ]

Now, you'll find an option to join the Beta program to get the latest updates of the Google Play Services through which, you'll be able to update them too.

Once you join the beta program, you'll be able to find the app in PlayStore under your My Apps and games --> ' Beta ' from here, you'll be able to update your Play Services.


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