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Wifi connected but no Internet | Solution

A little about the video

This video gives you a brief about how you can solve this problem. If you do not wanna watch the video for some reason, you can read about how to fix the problem here.


How to solve this issue?

This is one of the most common issues Android users run into while attempting to connect to the internet. There are some quick fixes that you can try.

1. A simple REBOOT.

Yes, as simple as it sounds, most of the problems on your Android device can be fixed by simply rebooting your phone. If this does not help, try the other methods below.

2. Checking the connections of your router.

Many times, the wires connecting your router, may be loose or may have been disturbed by something. Checking for any loose connections, dust particles and fixing them can help.

3. ' Forgetting ' the network and connecting again.

You can try forgetting the network you're currently connected to and try connecting back to it again. [ Make sure you remember the password as this step will require you to put the password in ]

To do this, Go to your phone's Settings --> Wifi --> Select your WiFi --> Forget network.

Find the SSID of your WiFi and connect to it again by entering the password.

4. Getting into the Advanced Settings.

This step might seem a little complicated at first, but we'll guide you through.

Follow all the steps mentioned in the 3rd method, do not connect to the WiFi just yet.

Click on the " Advanced Options " tab and fill out the details mentioned below:

IP Settings: Static

IP Address: 192.168.1.[ Any number between 1-255 ]

DNS2: 8844

Leave all the other settings as-is.

Now, connect to the Wifi.


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